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To all worshipers

[Autumn leaves status] As of November 11th
 Maple: XNUMX% fallen leaves around the pond
 Ginkgo: XNUMX% fallen leaves
Please refrain from making inquiries by phone regarding the status of autumn leaves, etc.
Since our temple is not a temple primarily for tourism, we are overwhelmed with telephone inquiries, which is disrupting temple operations.
Please check the actual situation of autumn leaves as needed.Official X (old Twitter)andInstagramWe will inform you about it, so please take a look there.
If you wish to enter the mountain in a group, you will need to apply for permission in advance (free of charge)!
Groups that do not present a permit, as well as travel agencies that handle the tour, will be refused entry in the future.
For permission application → Click here for more information.
*If you enter the mountain without applying in advance, please be sure to notify the temple office (goshuin office).
*Our patrol staff will contact organizations whose applications have not been confirmed.

Notice of Sutra Copying and Zazen Meeting

◎ Sutra copying meeting 7:30 a.m. ~
11/12 (Sunday) / 12/10 (Sunday)
◎ Zazen meeting 6 a.m. ~ 
11/26 (Sunday) / 12/17 (Sunday)

※Detail is"Sutra copying session/Zen meditation session"Please see the page of


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