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To all worshipers

Please apply for permission in advance for group entry.(free)Is required
If you wish to enter the grounds of Eihoji Temple in a group of 10 or more, you will need to apply for permission.
Groups that do not apply for and present a permit, as well as travel agencies that handle tours, etc., will be refused entry into the mountain in the future.
*If you enter the mountain without knowing the advance application, please be sure to report it to the temple office (goshuin office).
*Our patrol staff will contact organizations whose applications have not been confirmed.
*Even if you are divided into groups or groups of less than 10 people, you will need to apply if you are going to climb the mountain on the same day as a group.

Information on sutra copying and zazen sessions

◎ Sutra copying meeting 7:30 a.m. ~
October 4 (Sun)
October 5 (Sun)
◎ Zazen meeting 6 a.m. ~ 

*Details The"Sutra copying session/Zen meditation session"Please see the page of


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